Below are some amusing and creative links I hope you enjoy.

How computers work...the answers to ALL of your questions

Wind (move mouse and use scroll wheel)

Everyday Jigsaw (download and install to play)

Redneck Play Station

Lotsa cute little games

OneMotion (cool games - start with the spider!)

The Eyeballing Game

Click the ball to change it's color

Animator vs. Animation

Fly over snow covered mountains! (make sure to move your mouse around)

Play with the Shark...or the Orca! (just move the cursor. Also click pix on top)

Halloween Hangman game (have sound on)

E-mail announcements (click to download a ZIP file containing a bunch of fun e-mail announcements. You can add any of them to your favorite e-mail program)

Jackson Pollack Stress Reliever (drag & click mouse)

Bio Motion Lab (adjust the sliders)

Kaleidoscope Painter

This link is definitely NOT a political statement! P.S. You may click and drag George around