The printable stuff they're saying about that Perlstein guy...and I swear no $$ exchanged hand!

The following referral was sent by a friend to her mailing list: I'd like to share to share a quick story and a wonderful referral with you. My friend Mark came to my rescue a few weeks ago when my computer had a mind of its own and did everything it wanted to and nothing I asked it to. It whirred, it wheezed and it sounded like it was out mowing the lawn. I was intimidated and fairly terrified of what it was doing, fully expecting sparks and a bonfire next. Where I live, computer service is 30 miles away and is a giant time-consuming, road-rage inciting hassle. Mark, who is an IT genius, generously offered to help me, by remote. He logged into my computer and within an hour it was purring like a kitten and working smoothly again. Mark is a very positive guy and refrained from any disparaging comments about what MY part in the computer's issues might have been. With a remarkable sense of humor and incredible patience, he turned my barely-conscious computer into a living, breathing miracle. If any of you need help with your computer, I highly recommend that you call Mark. He can fix a lot of problems over the phone and by remote. He's a pleasure to work with and I know he will be a gift to you as he was to me. Just tell him Kac sent you and he'll get your systems up and running quickly and efficiently again. It is my pleasure to let you know about this man and his talents. He is reliable. kac Y.

The following is a response from a new client to the client who referred her to me: "Yes - Mark and I are spending much too much time together!  Had the computer go bad, had new hardware installed, had the printer breakdown.  How did I ever get by without him!  I'd ask him to go steady, but I'd have to break up with him when I get his bill!! " Jeanne H.

"Mark has had complete responsibility for my business computers for more than eight years -- and I'm delighted with his service, expertise and style. Most importantly, he's able to customize our computers to make them work the way we like to interact them. Beyond all that, he puts it all in simple language, not intimidating techno language. We rely on Mark and he's always there for us." Daniel P.

"Thanks so much for being so efficient and following up with me - a rarity in your business." Sandy M.

"Again, thank you sooooooooo much for your seemingly infinite tenacity and willing assistance yesterday. I'm very pleased with all our success and greatly appreciate you guiding Alex through the switch replacements. Bravo to you, my friend!" Roy M.

"I have worked with Mark for many years, and he is fantastic to work with. He will never leave you in a pinch, will always do whatever it takes to get the job done and the end users love him. You can't go wrong." Robert K.

"Mark Perlstein is one of the most reliable people I know. He's always quick to respond and has never failed to have an answer to our computer questions. His expertise in network issues and Windows systems is unsurpassed. If you need someone who you can count on to answer your computer questions, Mark is the person you want to have on your team." Steve B.

"First of all, let me thank you for your work on my behalf yesterday. I truly appreciated your patience, and your ability to not "talk down" to those of us who may not be as well acquainted with the inner workings of the computer as you are. You are a cool guy!" Lisa D.

"Mark Perlstein is a computer consultant with a wide range of clients from individuals to banks to LACMA, to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. I won't list his areas of expertise because most of it is just letters and numbers to me, but what separates Mark is 2 things. One is his perseverance to identify the root of a problem and find the solution to assure the client is able to easily use the equipment and what they have works the way they want. Second, he speaks to his clients in their terms so they can easily understand what he is talking about. Additionally he follows up to make sure everything is working right." Harriet C.

"Thanks again for all your help and courtesies extended. You're a pleasure to work with and have a gift for explaining "Computer Stuff" so that even I understand what you're saying." Marc B.

"I absolutely love the computer outfit, setup and operation. This is a great machine - it's fast, the screen is positively luxurious and the wireless keyboard and mouse are nothing
short of decadent. I couldn't be happier all thanks to your selection guidance and getting it unpackaged and operational. The ease with which you move through the pieces, parts, connections, and programs is remarkable, and I don't think I can adequately describe how appreciative and grateful I am to you for getting it all up and running. You have been way beyond generous with not only your knowledge but more importantly with your time - no small investment! I say "Thank you, Mark" each time I turn it on." Sally P.

"Mark is simply the best. His years of experience make him not just an expert in his field, but more importantly his experience allows him to think beyond just making the equipment function to assessing our technological business requirements as a whole. Mark can translate computer jargon into a language we understand which helps us make informed decisions. He is completely reliable, responsible, and a pleasure to work with. Patience is definitely Mark's virtue!" Sandy M.

"I was in a computer mess! I was moving into a new office and had two old computers, both about to go, each with tons of valuable files and email. In my attempt to transfer email from Outlook Express to an external hard drive, the emails disappeared into files I couldn't open. Mark was a Godsend! He helped me to order a new computer with the features I needed at a great price, set all the software up, created a backup system, consolidated all of my files and magically recreated all of the e-mails I had lost! Plus, he is so nice to work with. I would highly recommend him!" Lynne W.

"What sets Mark Perlstein apart from other computer consultants and technicians we have hired and worked with in the past is that he genuinely cares about us, our business, our computer problems and resolving those problems one-by-one. His compassion for the computer and its operation comes across a knowlegeable Professor at work on his precious invention!" Beatrice D.

"Mark Perlstein has been a client for many years. When it came time for me to finally install a computer for my business, Mark was my guy. Mark designed my system to suit my business needs. I was so pleased with his professionalism and how much knowledge he had. He made it very easy for me to understand the workings of a computer system. If I have any problems now, Mark is very accessible."John G.

"Early last year, Mark helped me revive a computer that was ailing with viruses and spyware. Since then, he has helped me create a fully safeguarded and functioning home network, which has in turn helped me garner the confidence and technical skills that led to my getting a promotion this fall. Thank You Mark." Karl N.

I feel like I did when I was 19 and bought my first car. Independent at last!! I've cancelled Earthlink and updated my contacts. I've also notified folks of my new address... so far so good.  Thanks for your patient teaching of one who is anything but swift at learning the workings of a computer.  My first day has been fun, and successful thanks to you. WOW, and DSL is the icing on the cake!! You've lessened my anxiety and increased my confidence. Judee P.

'd like to let you know how much I value you any your kindly competence.  You exhibit patience in the face of my own lack of technical knowledge, terms, etc., and just solve it.  Thank you. David S.

MARK PERLSTEIN IS A GOD...with unimaginable powers! Simply the sound of his voice on the other end of a bad connection can frighten a computer into fixing itself. Motherboards quake in his presence and the viruses throw themselves off the cliffs of cyberspace like terrified lemmings when they see him coming. Bottom need help with your computer--don't call a geek, call a God! Seriously, if you think you know a better person than Mark to work on a computer, let me know. I can always use a good laugh. Chris R.

help me help me
a poem by Cynthia C.

night before last I could print
I can't print
to either computer
Chris can, to both
and the speed of my computer makes the pony express
look like fedex
soooooooooooooo sloooooooooow
and programs freeze up
and become unresponsive
to me
something is wrong
something is wrong
and the defragmenter
and the zonealarm
did its night walk
and so did norton
and BHO
and spybot
and the ccleaner
whatever that is
they tell me they've fixed a few things
I believe them
and I've rebooted
and I've rebooted
and still
I crawl
like steely dan's viper through these suburban streets

And Cynthia's follow-up
it responds
my computer responds now
my computer responds to my lightest touch now
redo redo redo
Mark Perlstein rocks

Despite what my clients say about me, I am able to provide Techno Babble upon request. MP

P.S. Contact information for references available upon request.

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