I offer Three Flavors of support to clients:

The Least Fattening Flavor...You call me, and I will try to answer your question or resolve your issue over the telephone. This flavor is available during normal business hours, plus evenings and weekends contingent on my availability.

The Most Fattening Flavor...I visit your office or home/home office.

The LoCal Flavor...Remote Support.

The Internet is a wonderous thing, and because of it, I'm able to offer clients Remote Support capability. Remote Support means I'm able to log onto my client's computer from my computer and attempt to resolve their computer problem without the need for an office visit.

The Remote Support session is never done without my client's permission, and, as a security measure, my client's have to initiate the Remote Support session.

The beauty of Remote Support is that I'm usually able to be much more responsive to my clients' needs without the need to waste time fighting traffic on Los Angeles' streets and freeways.

Remote Support has afforded me the ability to support my clients in such distant locations as Australia, Japan, England, Tahiti, Portugal and Dubai, plus all over the United States. In fact, I've been able to provide remote support to clients whom I've never even met!

Remote Support

Helpful tip for reading small print
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Using your keyboard...
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These tip work with Word, Internet Explorer and many other programs as well.

I'm standing by,
waiting to help!
Some call...some e-mail...and some just text a selfie!!